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About the company

Triton Electronic Systems Ltd. is a unique Russian enterprise of full cycle: 

• R&D Activities;
• Intensive Care and Anaesthesia Equipment Manufacturing;
• OEM Medical Solutions.

Decades ago a large scientific and technical cluster was formed in the Urals. The region of Russia has accumulated scientific knowledge and R&D expertise in different sectors – from light industry to aerospace. Whole research institutes were relocated  to the Urals, so new ideas and inventions amounted to thousands. As a result, the Ural Scientific School was founded. It trained excellent engineers and researchers capable of solving technical and scientific problems, develop high-precision instruments. 

The company was founded in 1989 by biomedical researchers, engineers and physicians from Ural Scientific School. Our greatest achievements are closely connected with the name of MD Prof. Boris Zislin, who was the Chief anesthesiologist of Ural region for 37 years. Due to his cutting edge ideas we develop innovative medical technologies and manufacture a range of medical devices for anesthesiology and Intensive Care.

We are able to bring in unique and principally new solutions for global healthcare market. They are easier, more convenient and more reliable; moreover, they are the solutions that the market needs.

Strategic product marketing

The requirements to the consumer characteristics of the new products and technologies are formed as a result of regular scientific team work in close connection with the Russian Scientific and Medical Community leaders’ opinion. Continuous monitoring of direct users satisfaction – practicing physicians allows to introduce improving modifications of serial production items in short terms, based on the needs of the target audience. As a result, our technologies and products have unique consumer properties and are the most adapted to the current and future requirements of the Russian health care system.

Scientific research and experimental development

For 30 years our research activities are focused on research, development and introduction of world-class advanced technologies into the mass medical practice in two areas: monitoring of patients vital functions and the effectiveness of artificial lung ventilation / providing anesthesia care. Accumulated competence, with focused specialization in the field of development allows us to continuously create breakthrough world-class technologies, but simple and easy to use and maintain. They do not require highly skilled users and have low cost of consumables or do not require their use.


We manufacture equipment with quality and functional features corresponding to the products of the world’s leading manufacturers. Production facilities enable fully meet the needs of Russian hospitals core production. The production cycle for the whole range of products does not exceed 60 days. Delivery time is from one day, it is guaranteed because of the minimum quantity of finished goods stock. We also produce the devices individually configured according to customer requirements in short terms.

Promotion and sale

Intangible assets of the company have the economic potential essentially exceeding the potential of many foreign counterparts. Being a socially responsible company in the process of pricing and formation of a complete set of instruments we create the best deal of the price/functional features relation on the Russian Federation market. Staff team of medical experts continuously educates future doctors and specialized professionals of health care centers the practical application of advanced world technologies. For maximum coverage and users’ convenience, training events with practical demonstration of the equipment are organized directly in the regions and on the territory of health care centers.


In each subject of the Russian Federation branded service centers with the fund replacement equipment are organized in order to ensure continuity of health care provision in case of guarantee or out of guarantee repair. We guarantee service maintenance and user support for the entire functioning equipment stock of our production for the entire period of operation.


All the processes on the enterprise are certified in accordance international standards of Quality Management System ISO 13485

EC certificate for the scope Intensive Care Ventilators and Patient Monitors and Respiratory Gas Monitoring Devices.