Multigas Module

Multigas anesthesia gas analyzer is intended for continuous sidestream measurement and monitoring of gas concentration in the patient`s airways.
Specially designed for implementation into medical devices, including anaesthesia machines, patient monitors and ventilators.
Anesthetic gas agents
Anesthetic gas agents
Sevoflurane (Sev), Isoflurane (Iso), Desflurane (Des),
Halotane (option) on inspiration (FiAx) and expiration (EtAx).
Concentration of CO2 on inspiration (FiCO2) and at the end of exhalation (EtCO2)

of application

01 / 05
01 /
Operating rooms
Operating rooms
02 /
Intensive care unit
Intensive care unit

Technical characteristics


Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)

Measured gases

Anesthetic agents: Iso, Des, Sev, Hal (option), CO₂, O₂ (option)

Patient age groups

Adult, pediatric



Gas sampling rate

50–250 ml/min

" Created with Sketch. You can equip by multigas option any type of anesthesia machines

  • Iso, Des, Sev, Hal, CO₂ , O₂
  • Socket for connecting the interface cable
  • Gas outlet fitting
  • Standard accessories
  • 01 /
  • 02 /
  • 03 /
  • 04 /

Documents and manuals

Treaton OEM Solutions for Anesthesiology and Respiratory Support
Multigas Module Treaton AMG
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