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Intensive Care Ventilator MV300


Multipurpose unit for mechanical ventilation in resuscitation, surgery and intensive care departments or during transporting in clinic with continuous monitoring of gas exchange and evaluation of metabolism.

Intended use: artificial lung ventilation in operating rooms, resuscition and intensive care units, for hospital transportation.

It provides invasive mandatory and support noninvasive modes, as well as combined lung ventilation (combining jet high-frequency ventilation and regular standard frequency mechanical ventilation).

Patient age groups: adults, children, newborn infants.

Can be applied to all groups of patients: newborn infants, children and adults. Minimal inspiratory volume for neonates is 2 ml thanks to the flow sensor being connected close to the patient. Built-in flow sensor is used with children and adults, it does not require replacement during the whole service life

Display: 15", touchscreen, color, viewing angle ajustment.

Power: 100-250V / 50-60 Hz, built-in flow generator.

Oxygen from central gas pipeline, cylinder or O2 concentrator.

USB connector, data communication, connection to PC

Ventilation parameters

Tidal volume, ml

1 - 3000

Breathing rate, bpm

1 - 120

Tinsp, sec

0.2 - 10

Flow trigger sensitivity, lpm

0.5 - 20

Pressure trigger sensitivity, cmH2O

0.5 - 20


0 - 50

Inspiratory pressure, cm H2O

0 - 100

Pressure support, cm H2O

0 - 80

Ratio I:E

1:99 - 60:1


Ventilation modes

Mandatory ventilation

with a controlled volume


with a controlled pressure


with a controlled pressure, volume guaranteed


Synchronized intemittent mandatory ventilation

with a controlled volume 


with a controlled pressure


with a controlled pressure, volume guaranteed


Spontaneous breathing

with continuous positive airway pressure 


two levels of PEEP


airway pressure release ventilation


Noninvasive ventilation

noninvasive ventilation with a mask

nasal CPAP


high flow oxygen therapy


Adaptive ventilation

intelligent support ventilation with auto-control of ventilation


Pressure support function

Spontaneous breathing support in all ventilation modes

Reserve mode apnea / backup ventilation

Apnea / backup

Combined ventilation

Combined high-frequency jet and conventional ventilation



Features and advantages

Combined mechanical ventilation

Consolidates the advantages of jet and conventional mechanical ventilation. Jet mechanical ventilation enhances oxygenation of arterial blood in complicated situations and convective mechanical ventilation provides normal removal of carbon dioxide

“Open Lungs” strategy

Inspiration/expiration of the patient at every phase of the respiratory cycle with any mechanical ventilation mode.

Algorithm to automatically determine the optimal sensitivity of the expiratory trigger provides comfortable inspiration. The optimum duration of spontaneous inspiration in all modes of support ventilation (CPAP, NIV, BiSTEP). Works if a leak is there. It can be switched off and the desired sensitivity level of the expiratory trigger can be set.

Algorithm to automatically determine the optimal rate of pressure increase during inspiration. Selects the flow rate to exclude inhaling and the associated feeling of lack of air in the patient and “casting” the pressure during inspiration

Module for gas analysis with metabolism evaluation

The method of indirect calorimetry without use of disposables. Continuous measurement:

  • oxygen consumption (VO2),
  • carbon dioxide elimination (VСO2),
  • respiratory quotient (RQ),
  • resting energy expenditure (REE)

Module for monitoring of alveolar ventilation parameters

Volumetric capnography (VCO2), airway dead space volume (Vd), alveolar minute ventilation volume (MValv)
Auxiliary pressure module

Measurement of esophageal pressure/trachea via esophageal catheter/subclavian and jugular vein catheter and transpulmonary pressure measuring channel via balloon catheter. Channels work independently. Data are displayed on the screen as curves and numbers

Stress index

Integral parameter indicating correctness of PEEP and tidal volume VT settings

Adaptive ventilation (iSV)

Mode of intellectual adaptive ventilation with support of patients without spontaneous breath and patients with any level of spontaneous breath. It provides target volume of minute ventilation regardless of spontaneous breathing activity of the patient. The mode has the function to adapt respiratory minute volume (RMV) which helps to find the most comfortable mode for the patient

Module for mainstream capnometry

Analysis of gas in the breathing circuit without sampling and impact on respiratory minute volume. Monitoring of EtCO2, FiCO2, capnogram.

Module for monitoring of cardiac output by Fick method

Calculation of the cardiac output parameter (CO) based on the data of alveolar ventilation monitoring
Pulse oximetry

Allows to measure oxygen saturation of arterial blood hemoglobin SpО2, pulse rate (PR), photoplethysmogram

Monitoring of artificial pulmonary ventilation parameters

Baseline monitoring

The maximum inspiratory pressure, plateau pressure, average pressure, PEEP, auto PEEP

The minute volume or respiration

The volume of inhalation, exhalation volume 

Respiratory rate, spontaneous breaths frequency

Compliance C

Resistencia R

The ratio I:E

The concentration of inspires oxygen FiO2

The size of leak

Maximum flow on inspiration

Advanced monitoring

The output expiratory pressure

The flow rate at the end of exhalation

Inspiratory time constant, expiratory time constant

Stress index 

The index of respiratory effort

Work the patient's breathing, work of apparatus breathing

Inspiratory time

The coefficient of spontaneous breathing

Resistance to exhalation

Loop resistance

Loop extensibility

Dynamic compliance


Graphic monitoring

Simultaneous display on the screen up to three curves, and up two loops, at the user's choice

Curves at the option: flow-time, pressure-time, volume-time

Loop: pressure-volume, flow-volume, flow-pressure

The information is for reference only. The list of features is not complete. For the detailed information please contact the manufacturer.

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