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In hospitals

Intended use: for adult and children with body weight  from 15 kg

High frequency jet ventilation (HFJV) is ventilation with small (100 - 200 ml) tidal volumes with a frequency more than 60 cycles per minute.

Advantages of High frequency jet ventilation: 

  • better gas distribution and less intrapulmonary shunting of blood. 
  • Increased oxygenation of arterial blood. 
  • Does not require the use of respiratory depressants for the patient's adaptation to the ventilator. 

Basic functions

Patient age groups adults, children with body weight from 15 kg

12.1'' touchscreen color

viewing angle adjustable


220V/50 Hz

built-in battery 1 hour of operation

Gas supply

oxygen from central gas pipeline, cylinder

air – from central gas pipeline or compressor


build-in automatic heating system with thermal control and humidification

Gas mixturer and FiO2 control
Mainstream CO2 sensor


Ventilation modes

High frequency jet

injection (jet)

catheter (jet)




Ventilation parameters

FiO2 control in non-injection and catheter modes, %

21 - 100

Respiratory rate, bpm

30 - 300

Minute volume (modes w/ or w/o Venturi jet injector), lpm

5 - 30

Minute volume (catheter mode), lpm

3 - 20

I:E ratio

1:3; 1:2; 1:1; 3:2; 2:1

Additional functions

The pulmonary percussion

The expiratory pause 

The oxygenation

Monitoring of artificial pulmonary ventilation parameters

Monitoring of minute volume

Monitoring of respiratory rate

Monitoring of the carbon dioxide concentration 

Monitoring of peak inspiratory pressure

Monitoring of positive end expiratory pressure 

Ratio monitoring of inhalation duration to exhalation duration I:E

Monitoring of carbon dioxide partial pressure

Monitoring of oxygen concentration 

Monitoring of the minimum, maximum and average airway pressure 

Monitoring of the inspiration volume

Graphic display

Flow graphic

Volume graphic




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Compressor medical K 50 DE

Compressor medical K 50 DE Standart (Ekom, Slovakia, moveable) 

It is conformed to high-frequency jet ICE Ventilator JV100 B

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Breathing circuits

Disposable and reusable circuits for all patient age groups

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