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Multigas analyzer AMG-06

Application: anesthesiology, intensive care during postoperative period, prolonged sedation, resuscitation.

Patient groups: Adults, children from 3-year-old.

Measured gases: Isoflurane, Sevoflurane, Desflurane, CO2.

Operation principle: non-invasive, sidestream. 

Patient’s safety: manual selection of the anesthetic type, automatic detection of the incorrect choice.

Built-in battery: turn-on automatically in the absence of power supply, allows the device to work autonomously up to 2 hours.


Complete solution  for anesthesiologists: Anesthesia Gas Monitoring

Multigas Analyzer AMG-06 is intended for continuous non-invasive sidestream monitoring of СО2 & anesthetics concentration in inspired and expired gases. The device also determines RSP, apnea, MAC index and measures atmospheric pressure in operating rooms and wards when providing anesthetic support.

High measurement accuracy: unique technology based on the non-dispersive infrared method of measuring, enables to measure anesthetics and CO2 concentration precise and fastdue to an in-house high-precision sensor. Measurement accuracy corresponds to the standard EN ISO 80601-2-55. 



· Simple design, light weight, compact;
· Portable device, can be used during nosocomial patient transportation;
· Fits into any working environment. The device can be fixed on any surface due to its universal mounting system.


· Intuitive interface, sensitive touchscreen;
· Minimum set of the most necessary functions;
· Can be used with high-frequency electrosurgical devices;
· Works with an external information system (MIS), possess Wi-Fi function;
· Maintenance-free.

Safety for a patient

· Safe at low-flow anesthesia;
· Automatic detection of installed water trap (adult or neonate version);
· Displaying of the real time gas concentration;
· Extended user friendly alarm system (visual and audible signals,
text messages, vibration);
· Alarm log and 72 h trends with intuitive navigation system and alarm filtering, freezingof CO2 and anesthetic graph in the main screen;
· Integrated MAC calculation;
· Safe use of consumables (sampling tube): the device has a special valve which prevents the reverse flow of gas through the sampling tube.


· All accessories are standard and easily accessible worldwide.

EC Certificate

To improve patient` safety you can use Multigas Analyzer with Depth of anesthesia and sedation monitor MGA-06

MGA-06 is a monitor assessing depth of anesthesia and designed to increase patient safety through continuous monitoring of the Brain Activity Index.
The index indicates the level of conscience depression by analyzing EEG, taking into account information on typical signs of anesthetics impact on patient. 

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